Why is my Order not Delivering?

The most common reason for undelivered orders marked as processing, canceled or pending for excessively long durations (greater than one week) is a WRONG LINK.

Wrong link

Every service has a specific format for links. For example, the Instagram Followers service requires you to use your Instagram username as the link. Conversely, the Instagram Likes services require you to use your full Instagram post link as the link.

We take the time to outline the link requirements in the service description. Make sure to follow the link format in the service description. For more clarification, you can also check out our HOW TO page for tutorial videos.

Wrong service

Another reason your order might not deliver is that you’ve used the wrong service. For Instance, if you wanted Instagram likes and used the TikTok likes service. Please make sure you’re using the correct service for each order you place.

Server overload

Sometimes our servers may be overloaded with orders from other customers like you, and that can affect the usual delivery timeframe. There’s no need to panic and we always implore you to be patient with us. 

We invest in very fast servers as that’s one of our core value propositions. So usually, our services are still faster than most other SMM panels, even on their slowest days.

You can contact support if you’ve noticed a slowing down that’s excessively out of the ordinary.