Understanding the Status of your Order

What do processing, pending, in progress, completed, canceled and partial mean regarding orders on an SMM Panel?

When you place an order, the order status can be one of six things:

  1. Processing
  2. Pending
  3. In progress
  4. Completed
  5. Canceled
  6. Partial


An order marked PROCESSING could mean two things:

  • You made the correct order, we’ve received it, but the server is yet to start working on it.
  • There’s something wrong with your order - maybe you used the wrong link format or the wrong service.

How do you differentiate between the two?

When the issue is due to a server delay, the order status should automatically change to PENDING or IN PROGRESS in under 3 hours.

When your order is stuck on processing for longer than 3 hours, you should check to make sure you’ve placed the order correctly. If you’re sure you made no mistake, contact support via the WhatsApp button on site.


Orders marked PENDING have been received by the server and are awaiting delivery. The server has received your order and placed it in a queue for delivery. 

The time frame for orders to move from this queue to actual delivery varies depending on the service.

Note that certain services like the Premium Nigerian Followers service, might remain in PENDING even after delivery has started.

In progress

When your order is IN PROGRESS, it means the server is actively delivering the service. Again the time frame for this delivery period varies by service. 

Some services (like YouTube and Facebook) usually have more extended delivery time frames.


When an order is marked COMPLETED, it means the server has finished delivering the order as per the service description.


Canceled orders are orders that the server could not deliver. 

Cancelation could be due to two things:

  • An issue with your order

If there are issues with your order - maybe you used the wrong link or service - the server can automatically cancel the order, usually after it’s been marked processing for a while.

  • A server downtime during delivery of that particular order

Sometimes our servers have downtimes, and rather than hold on to your money, we simply cancel the order.

The money you pay for an order that’s canceled is automatically refunded back into your account.

If you’re sure you didn’t make a mistake, you can simply place the order again.


A PARTIAL order is an order that wasn’t delivered in full. For example, you ordered 500 followers, but the server only delivered 200.

We only charge you for the part of the order that was delivered. The money for the undelivered service is, again, automatically refunded to your account.

Note, however, that with some services, PARTIAL might mean the order was CANCELED. And the way to tell a true PARTIAL order from one that was CANCELED and marked as PARTIAL is to check if any part of the order was delivered. If nothing was delivered and the order is marked as PARTIAL, you should check to make sure you’re not making any mistakes.