Understanding our Terms and Descriptions

If this is your first time using ReallySimpleSocial, you might come across some unfamiliar terms and service descriptions. Here’s what they all mean.


Followers, likes, views and other services you purchase have a tendency to drop - that is, reduce in number after the service is delivered. This is true for all SMM panels and for virtually all services.

When we talk about Drop, we are referring to the degree of reduction to expect for any one particular service.

Drop could be high, low or Non-drop.

  • When it’s HIGH, it means there’s a tendency for more than half of the service delivered to reduce. So if you ordered for 2000 likes, there’s a probability that more than 1000 will drop, AKA reduce.
  • When it’s LOW, it means approximately 20% or less of the service volume will reduce over time.
  • When it’s NON, it means less than 5% of the service volume will reduce.


What happens when the service you ordered drops? 

Two things - you either order again or, if said service has a refill button, use the Refill button.

Refill is a term we use to describe services with an extra feature that helps make up for drops. If a service has the refill option, it means if there’s a drop, you can top off said drop without reordering and at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

NO REFILL services don’t have this feature.

Now, it’s important to note that refill requests might not be honored every time. So even if there’s a drop and you request a refill, we might not top off the dropped service.

That said, Refill services are usually of better quality than their NO REFILL counterparts. They’re usually faster to deliver and have lesser drop percentage (most are low drop services).

When you want to order, it’s advisable to opt for the service with REFILL ACTIVE.


Guaranteed services are services for which you’re assured delivery. When you order from a category or a service marked Guaranteed, it means you have our word that we will deliver the service. It’s either that or you get a full refund, no questions asked.

Note that any service without the UNGUARANTEED tag is defacto considered guaranteed.

Services marked UNGURANTEED don’t come with any assurance from us. Although we try to fulfill all orders, in some cases, servers handling unguaranteed services might falter on delivery.

We will not honor support tickets and complaints associated with UNGUARANTEED services - so use them at your own discretion