How to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria

Sometimes growing organically on Instagram can be too much of a challenge. If you're a budding celebrity influencer or small business, you'll know that getting your first batch of followers naturally is no joke. People are more likely to interact and follow Instagram accounts with some street cred – an account that already has some social proof in the form of followers.

This is where buying Instagram followers comes into the picture. When you buy Instagram followers, you give your Instagram profile the boost it needs to shine out more to get more organic followers.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?How to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria

The official word from Instagram is that buying followers is against the platform's terms and conditions, meaning you could get banned if you buy Instagram followers. And that's mostly true, if you buy followers from providers that send bots to your profile, you'll invariably trigger Instagram's spam filter, which'll either get you banned at worst, or shadow banned at best.

The key to buying followers is making sure you're getting real and genuine followers – not bots. Many platforms, more so the ridiculously cheap ones, claim to provide real followers when in reality, what they're doing is sending loads of bot traffic your way. If you get real followers when you buy from a trusted provider, you're unlikely to trigger Instagram's bot filter, and your account should be safe.

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Identifying genuine places to buy Instagram followers

With what I've said, the next step for you would be to get on with identifying trustworthy Instagram followers sellers. The following tips should help you get started:

1. They should have a well-built website

Most bot trading sellers of Instagram followers merely download a rough, unattractive template for their sites, so there's a general theme among these sites. They look off with weird colors, poor image sizing, and overall mismatched proportions. It's easy to see what I'm talking about when you land on any of these sites. 

Sellers providing genuine Instagram followers know the worth of their service, so they put it out in some solid-looking interface of a website. Again, you'll know a great looking website for buying Instagram followers from one that was basically slapped together when you log into one.

2. Be wary of extremely cheap services

Don't get me wrong, trusted sellers of Instagram followers price their services very fairly, so you're deffo going to see some really affordable plans out there. It only becomes a red flag when pricing drops to dirt cheap, unreasonable prices. Getting a real Instagram account to follow another user takes some effort, and again, sellers who deal genuine Instagram followers price their services accordingly. If it's too cheap, going below the common rates you can see everywhere, then you're most likely dealing with bot accounts.

3. They should have a social presence

Established providers always have a social media presence, and ideally, this social media presence should be, in the words of Sabinus, 'Hooge.' If they cannot bring in real followers for themselves, why would they be able to do the same for you, amiright. Anyway, you want to check the Twitter, Instagram and possibly Facebook accounts of the provider for some social proof. If they don't have any, that's a solid red flag.

Now enough about identifying genuine sellers of real Instagram followers in Nigeria.

Let's quickly run through some of the top sites where you can buy Instagram followers in Nigeria.

The best sites to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria

1. Really simple social

Yeah, shameless plug here, but Really Simple Social is probably one of the most genuine, if not the best site, to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria. You're guaranteed 100% real and genuine followers, and you also get the option to set it to solely Nigerian followers, so you get on brand followers who're more likely to engage with your content.

Some sellers push random accounts to follow you when you buy followers. That doesn't make any sense since there's no way a Chinese Instagram user, regardless of whether they're bots or not will connect with your Nigerian content. At Really Simple Social, we only push Nigerian followers when you order Nigerian followers, although there are options to get followers from other countries as well.

2. Metrowage

Metrowage is a sister platform, and just like us, they offer affordable and genuine Nigerian Instagram followers. Support is awesome as well, and since this is a provider that's been in the business for quite a while now, you rest assured top-notch service delivery.

I especially like their straight to the point interface, with no clutter and no unnecessary pop-ups. Want Instagram followers, then Instagram followers you'll get and fast too.

So there you have it, the best places online to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria!

Ready to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria?