The best sites to buy Instagram likes in Nigeria

Whether for the engagement they drive or the Instagram street cred they deliver, there's no arguing that more likes on your Instagram posts translate to better reach and better conversions, if that's what you're about.

But getting Instagram likes organically can be tough, more so if you're a business, brand or public personality. Since the platform pretty much downgraded organic reach, fewer people get to see posts, and an even lesser fraction bother to interact.

In this guide, I'll show you how to buy Instagram likes in Nigeria, so you don't have to wait at Instagram's mercy for your posts to drive engagement.

Best way to buy Instagram likes - ReallySimpleSocial

Reallysimplesocial is Nigeria's leading provider of followers, likes, views, shares and practically all other social media marketing (SMM) services you can think of. With an easy-to-use SMM panel and cost-effective SMM services on board, they allow brands, businesses, persons and influencers to grow their social media and fast.

The platform allows you to choose the quality of SMM services you want. Want top-tier engaging audiences or just passive followers to boost your Insta street cred? You can get all of that from your dashboard.

How to buy Instagram followers on ReallySimpleSocial

1. Sign up - create an account

The first step to buying Instagram likes on ReallySimpleSocial is to create an account. Creating an account is easy as pie. All you need do is provide a contact email, a username and then set your password. 

The contact email will be used to send you updates, while the username and password will serve as your login details.

Use this link to reach the signup page for ReallySimpleSocial

2. Fund your account

To buy Nigerian Instagram likes, you need to fund your account. Again funding your account on ReallySimpleSocial is simple and straightforward. The platform uses Flutterwave, Nigeria's foremost, most secured payments gateway, to process transactions.

Simply click the Add funds tab after signing into your account. Then choose how much you'd like to pay. Finally, click pay, and you'll be redirected to Flutterwave's payment gateway, where you can either pay with your ATM card or Bank transfer. You can also pay via USSD, but for most people, the bank transfer method is the smoother and easier method to use.

3. Choose the Instagram likes category

Once you've funded your ReallySimpleSocial account, head back to your dashboard and click the new order page. On the new order page, select the Instagram likes option from the category menu and then pick the exact Instagram likes service you prefer. 

There are plenty Instagram likes services you can choose from on ReallySimpleSocial. You can choose only likes from Nigerian Instagram accounts, likes from other countries or even specify the gender of the accounts that'll like your posts.

4. Place your order

After choosing the exact service you want, the next step is to input the link to your Instagram posts, the number of likes you want and then place your order.

You should get a confirmation message stating that your order is being processed. From then onwards, the platform automatically ques your posts for Instagram likes from users.

5. Fulfilment

Usually, Nigerian likes to your Instagram posts start rolling in a few minutes to an hour after placing your order. Once they've started coming in, you should expect the entire number of likes you specified to reach your posts in under an hour or a few hours tops. Whichever the case, ReallySimpleSocial is known to always deliver.

Buying Instagram likes on foreign sites

A simple Google search for Nigerian Instagram followers will reveal a ton of mostly foreign sites offering the service. Like ReallySimpleSocial, these sites also deliver custom likes to your Instagram posts once you've placed an order. But there are a few things you should take into consideration when buying Instagram likes from foreign SMM panel sites.

Paying in USD

Foreign sites will charge you in US dollars. And given the high exchange rate, that can pan out to be more expensive than you'd imagine. More so, because the cost is billed in dollars, you won't know exactly how much you're paying until the debit alert for the purchased service gets to your phone.

More expensive

Buying SMM services on foreign sites is generally more expensive than buying on Nigerian SMM panels. That's because foreign sites bill you as a foreigner in USD. While $5 might be chicken change for someone living in the US, in Nigeria, it adds up fast. 

Naira-based SMM panels like ReallySimpleSocial provide Instagram likes services in naira – they are more affordable and tailored to your budget.

These two reasons are part of the major issues you might run into when buying Instagram likes in Nigeria from foreign-based sites billed in dollars.

Using Addmefast for free

Let's say you're short on cash but still need Instagram likes. In that case, you should use a free-to-use Instagram likes provider. Let's quickly outline the best free Instagram likes providers you can find online.

Best method to get Instagram likes free

The best way to get free Nigerian Instagram likes is by using a service like

Addmefast is a likes and followers trading platform where you give out likes and followers to get likes and followers for your pages in turn. So you basically work for Instagram likes and followers when you use this platform.

It works by using your Instagram account to like other people's posts. Each like you perform gets you credits which you can then use to buy likes for your own Instagram posts. When you buy likes, your post is sent to other users of Addmefast, and they'll like it in turn for Addmefast credits.

Benefits of addmefast for instagram likes

  • Easy to use. Simply signup, and you can immediately start liking others' posts for credit which you can then use later.
  • It's free. Unlike ReallySimpleSocial, you don't need to pay to get likes when you use Addmefast. Sure, you'll spend time and effort liking other users' posts, but if you don't have the money, then this is a viable option.
  • Guaranteed real likes. Some services (not ReallySimpleSocial) provide only bot likes for their customer. On Addmefast, because it's real users liking each other's posts, you're guaranteed real likes to drive valid engagement.

Drawbacks of addmefast for instagram likes

  • It takes time. Using Addmefast requires a lot of patience as it takes time for the credits you earn from tasks to stack up. On average, you can spend anywhere between 30 minutes to 1-hour accumulating credits to get just 50 followers.
  • You'll have to use your Instagram profile. To use Addmefast, you have to log into your Instagram account and like and follow all manner of posts and accounts. This can affect your Instagram account, especially if you're a brand, business or influencer.

I should however add that Addmefast allows you to purchase credits on their platform directly, but you were looking for a way to get followers free, innit?

Conclusion the best method to get Instagram likes in Nigeria

When it comes to ease of usage, simplicity and effectiveness, ReallySimpleSocial's Instagram likes service is the SMM likes service to beat for Nigerian Instagram likes.

Addmefast is a great option as well, especially if you're low on cash. However, I'll advise against using foreign SMM panel settings as they don't really provide much value.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Nigerian Instagram likes?

You can buy Nigerian Instagram likes on Nigerian social media marketing platforms like ReallySimpleSocial. ReallySimpleSocial is an SMM platform that provides virtually all the social media marketing and promotion services you need to boost your Instagram pages and posts.

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